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SAP harmonization

Global transparency for global players

Today, companies are increasingly international and decentralized. In order to be able to ensure process and cost efficiency, the decisive key figures must be transparent and comparable.

SAP in particular could make a decisive contribution here - provided that the system landscape has been configured with these premises in mind.

However, the reality often looks different:

  • System landscapes are fragmented,

  • there is a proliferation of charts of accounts,

  • there is no uniform cost center and profit center structure, or

  • companies use different reporting features.

All of this, however, makes it considerably more difficult to manage a company efficiently and in line with key performance indicators.

Harmonization - the basis for improved process efficiency and management competence

Our conversion programs are capable of making changes to SAP data that cannot be made by setting parameters in the SAP system.

Classic applications for such conversions are:

  • Chart of accounts harmonizations

  • Introduction of parallel and/or group currencies

  • Reorganization or harmonization of profit center structures and segments for the purpose of balance sheet reporting

  • Merging of previously separate controlling areas

  • Consolidation of previously separate operating concerns

  • Harmonization of characteristics and value fields, document and material types, and product hierarchies

Depending on the initial situation, several requirements can be carried out at the same time.

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